Codename: Miss Bossy Boots
Weapon of Choice: Ponytail Whiplash
Motto: "More is More!"

Expertise in extracting info from sleeper agents through visual stimuli and interrogation. A chameleon, capable of creating a variety of aliases for herself and others, redering operatives less recognizable and more pleasing.

Past missions include:
3 years in charge of rookie training at Di Pietro Todd Salon
2 years experience in peer training at Wella International
20 years top marks in the Foggy City

American Salon 1997
Self 2001
Allure 2004
Vogue 2004
Harper's Bazzar 2005
Allure 2007
Town & Country 2015
Allure 2015

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Codename: Silver Fox
Weapon of Choice: Round Brush Num-Chucks
Motto: "Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!"

With a tint brush in one hand and razor sharp shears in the other, this double agent has got you covered. Twenty-five years undercover gives him the edge over other less seasoned agents. Even under enemy fire, he never loses his cool, creating custom looks to suit each individual mission. From international espionage to that disguise you wore to the bar to pick up your husband, he'll let you reveal your true identity.

Past missions include:
13 years at Di Pietro Todd Salon

Codename: Twystilox
Weapon of Choice: Wristwatch laser-beam cutter
Motto: "No mission is too long or too short (or too big or too small…)!"

This Twisted sister will tailor any style to each individual assignment. Twystilox makes head-way, armed with her precision cutting instruments and trustworthy flat-iron. Her attention to detail makes her a perfect agent for both male and female targets.

Past missions include:
7 yrs as covert ops at Elevation Salon + Cafe

Codename: Dr. Lady Rae
Weapon of Choice: Piercing Eye
Motto: "You only live twice."

Ready, set, aim! Precision with a blade, a nozzle and advanced training from the best in the biz. Nothing can stand in the way on her rise to the top! Beautiful and soft, sharp and edgy; when she sets her sight on you, your look will never be the same.

Present missions include:
Regional Artistic Director for Unite Eurotheraphy. When traveling to salons all over Northern California, Dr. Lady Rae's only mission? To inspire fresh and seasoned stylists with her passion for great hair!

Past missions include:
2 yrs as covert ops training at Elevation Salon + Cafe

Codename: CC
Weapon of Choice: Blow Dry quick-draw
Motto: "Less is more."

Elegant yet effortless, current yet timeless. This agent will create a look that meets your needs, whether short n sassy, long n tousled or whatever range is in your scope. She studies her assignments very carefully, using her keen eye and impeccable style to transform your tresses.

Past missions include:
12 years at DiPietro Todd Salon & Academy